Charter members understood that an appropriate meeting place and good meals were important factors in the of any community organization. However, it became evident after just three short meetings that the ever increasing membership would soon exceed the capacity of the dining room at Lion Wildermuth’s Eat Shop.  Therefore the club appointed a committee to investigate other venues and the possibility of the women organizations from area churches to prepare and serve the meals a rotating basis.

Fortunately for club members, the women organizations from Saint Joseph Catholic, Trinity Lutheran, and Moravian churches all accepted this proposal. In September of 1945 they began taking care of the meal service at club meetings.  The delicious meals and deserts, initially provided for only $1.00 per meal, contributed enormously to the success of the Waconia Lions Club.   This arrangement continued until 1973.   A period of 28 years where the “Christians of the community were feeding the Lions”.

From a venue perspective the Waconia High School offered its Auditorium to the club for its regular meetings. The club committee readily agreed and began holding its meetings there in September of 1945.  Though initially this arrangement worked well, it only lasted until February, 1948.  In fact, over the course of its history the Waconia Lions Club has had six different meeting locations.

From To Location
August 1945 September 1945 Lion Wildermuth’s Eat Shop
September 1945 February 1948 Waconia High School Auditorium
February 1948 June 1956 Old City Hall Lower Level
September 1956 June 1973 Waconia High School Cafeteria
September 1973 May 1977 Paradise Night Club
September 1977 May 2021 Island View Country Club
June 2021 Present American Legion Post 150 / Various Locations