Historical Road improvments

ALL Roads Lead To Waconia

Representatives of the Waconia Lions Club met with both state and county officials to promote much needed improvements to roads leading into Waconia.

Waconia – Young America Road

By the end of September 1948, Highway 5 from Waconia to Young America was re-routed and shortened by two miles. The Waconia Lions Club was credits with promoting the project, checking abstracts against county records, and helping to negotiate with the Home Owned Lumber Company to relinquish some its property for the project.

Waconia – Maple Road

The Waconia Lions Club is also credited with promoting improvements to a dangerous dip and curve in the Waconia-Maple Road, just north of the Camp Manakiki (a.k.a. – Pillsbury Camp). A portion of additional expenses associated with the project were also funded by the club.

Waconia – St. Bonifacius Road

The Waconia Lions Club also promoted for an effort to rebuild the Waconia-St. Bonifacius Road in 1950. After successful negotiations, the project was undertaken and completed in 1952.

The Waconia Lions Club later purchased and erected luminous road signs for all of the roads leading into Waconia.